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Kindergarten News

The last week of Kindergarten !!! May 22 – 25, 2017

Tuesday, May 23rd – Field day for K – 5. If you would like to

volunteer to help with this, please let me know. See details –

SUNSCREEN. Did I mention Sunscreen?

Wednesday, May 24th

- Grades K, 1, 2, and 5 will be watching various

movies and doing activities related to the movies. After watching the

movie, there will be activities in each classroom related to the movie.

Thursday, May 25th – LAST day of school. 1⁄2 day . School will end

at 11:30 am.

Just need one more person to bring some drinks - thanks!

We will do a Kindergarten celebration @ 9:15  

1 dozen cupcakes  (unfrosted) ___Miranda/  Farrah

1 dozen cupcakes  (unfrosted) ___Shana/ Emily

1 dozen cupcakes (unfrosted) __Meghann/  Elaina

Frosting ___Gina/ Kayle

Frosting  _Gina/ Kayle_

Frosting  __Meghann/ Elaina

Sprinkles for decorating  _______Tara/ Emmalee

Sprinkles for decorating ___Anna/ Emma/ Nate ?

Sprinkles for decorating  _Mrs. Ward

Plates and napkins _Meghan/ Elaina

Drinks and cups if needed _Emmalee/ Tara

Drinks and cups _____________________________________________

There will be an elementary awards assembly for grades 1 – 5. It will

start at 10:15. You may take your Kindergarten student after our

celebration or they can stay at school until 11:45 release.

The High school student council will have their carnival starting at 11:45

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions

Jan Ward 462-3756 ext 1051

Home phone 462-3225

G.V High School Council Presents 4th Annual Summer Carnival

My child _________________, will be allowed to

participate in the Summer Carnival on May 25th at 11:45

a.m. Admission is $5.00 (please attach the money to this

permission slip, and return to your teacher or Stephany


The Summer Carnival is available for grades Pre K-12th,
including the Lowman school.

Please return permissions slips and money by Tuesday

the 23rd.

My child will be picked up by

______________________(adult ).

X _________________

Field Day

May 23rd


10:00-11:30 Games

Lunch Break

12:30-2:00 Track Events


10-11:30 Track Events

Lunch Break

12:30-2:00 Games

Please make sure your child is prepared. They will need:


Water bottle

Athletic Clothing

Tennis Shoes