Students of the Month

High School Students of the Month


Abigail Burbank - Nominated by Ms. Jeanine Bailey

Abi has shown strong academic character (straight A's in all classes), but she is one of the most friendly, positive, and generous students I have known.  She will help any student who is struggling and never complains about who she is paired up with for group activities. I have also personally seen her on several occasions extend her friendship to other students she thought might need a friend.  I feel that Abi is a great role model and positive influence to other students.

Asher Briganti (Wright) - Nominated by Ms. Kelly Hughes

Asher exhibits a number or traits that would make her a great “Student of the Month” candidate: academic diligence, courtesy, reliability, a sense of personal responsibility...the list could go on.  But, the reason I would nominate Asher for this recognition is goes beyond being an excellent student to being an excellent citizen.  Asher has a very special ability to make others feel safe and calm.  Because she takes care of her own responsibilities, she knows where she stands and so do others. She treats people with dignity, never trying to become over-involved, but always there if someone needs support, encouragement, or camaraderie.



Luke Ptomey - Nominated by Mr. John Haworth

Luke is bright, works to be prepared, and has a very challenging schedule. Other students look to Luke for help when struggling with difficult concepts.  He is like a student “professor” in math...other students visit him for “office hours.”  Luke also works hard: he doesn’t just do what comes easy to him, but sets his sights beyond his current abilities. 


Lydia Shultz - Nominated by Ms. Jenn VanDyk

Lydia is ‘present’ in this school. She has a college schedule, is preparing for her future and does a bunch of things to help her community, such as MS Volleyball practices at 6:00 am and then she plans to help with MSBB practices as needed. Lydia is a leader on the court, helping to build her peers up as a team and in the classroom. Lydia recently came to the revelation that she does not like “Young Lydia”, and she strives to be a better person.

Middle School Students of the Month


Gertie Fuhriman

Gertie, a sixth grade student, has earned Student of the Month for December. She is a wonderful student and excels in her classes. She is a great friend and helpful to her peers as well as her teachers. She is polite and is a friend to everyone she meets. Gertie, like her brothers and sister, is an excellent athlete. She loves volleyball and basketball. She has been playing basketball since she was little and even played middle school volleyball and basketball as a 5th grader. Gertie is fun to be around, her laugh is contagious, and we thoroughly enjoy having her in our classes. 

Gracie Castillo

Gracie has been awarded the Middle School Student of the Month for December. Gracie is a seventh grade student who is currently taking three high school classes and four eighth grade classes. She excels in Math and is taking Geometry with Mr. Haworth. She is a talented musician and has the voice of an angel. Gracie loves to play basketball and is an animal on the court. She is very quiet and respectful, as well as responsible and reliable. Gracie loves a good challenge and pushes herself daily. All of us in the middle school are very proud of her and expect her to do great things in the future. 



Shelby Smith

Shelby and her family moved to Garden Valley this year from Tennessee, and we are so happy they did. Shelby is a 7th grade student and is one of our students of the month for October 2017. Not only is Shelby an excellent student, but she is a great person, and has a wonderful sense of humor. She is helpful to her peers, friendly, and an all-around sweet person with a darling southern accent. Being raised in the south, she is chalk full of “yes, ma’ams” and “no, sirs”. Her politeness  and formality is a breath of fresh air to the classroom and her positive attitude is welcomed by all of her teachers. We are glad you are here Shelby! Keep up the great work!

River Hughes

River is the daughter of our very own music teacher, Mrs. Kelly Hughes.  She was born and raised in Garden Valley and is now in the 6th grade. River is well deserving of this honor: she is an amazing student, talented musician, and wonderful person in general. She is always trying new things and challenging herself. In her spare time, you can find her reading a book, playing an instrument, or crocheting a bag, scarf, or other crafty item. The middle school teachers are very proud of River and all she has accomplished. Congratulations River! Nice Job!