Middle School held their fair in conjunction with High School STEAM night. The scores were based on a total of 38 points. Students were judged on experimental design, display board, Research Report, and oral presentation.

6th Grade

1st place and Highest score for all three grades - Trevor Corn (36 points), How much sugar is found in different types of drinks?

2nd place - Hayden Grosvenor - Salt on a Stick

3rd Place - Emma Davis Which bubble gum blows the largest bubble? - and Emma Shannahan -Does weight affect the movement of an object?

7th Grade

1st Place - Grace Kahre Will plants grow faster with water or carbonated water? and Levi Winman What are the odds of getting an autoimmune disease?

2nd Place - River Hughes - Do Boys or girls have better Spatial reasoning? and Nathan Willoughby - What is the difference between low-fat and normal foods?

3rd Place - Kaden Zimmer - Big Game Science

8th Grade

1st Place Bryce Smith - What makes ice melt the fastest?

2nd Place Nate Crawley - Does the size of a ball affect how high it bounces

3rd Place Seth Donald- Walking Water