This page is intended to help students and parents understand what behaviors are expected in the online learning environments that they will encounter in the Garden Valley School District. As online learning at our district continues to increase it is more important than ever that students understand the importance of proper behavior in the online classroom.

Netiquette is the etiquette of the Internet. Netiquette refers to the rules of proper behavior while online. If you were to visit a foreign nation you would want to adjust your behavior to go along with certain customs and rules of that culture. The same is expected when you enter cyberspace. Students are expected to adhere to certain rules of conduct. These rules will help prevent the misunderstandings and social blunders that often occur online. It is our goal at GVSD to make sure students always remember the human on the other side of any online interaction. By following these simple guidelines students can become better digital citizens

Remember "The Golden Rule" is to treat others how you would like to be treated.

Netiquette Tips:

  1. Don't post if you are angry.

  2. Check for errors in grammar before posting.

  3. Remember the human on the other side.

  4. Ask permission to post photos of others.

  5. Know where you are online.


It is important to know where you are on the internet. Just like in your daily life, while online it is important to know where you are and what behaviors are appropriate and what behaviors are not. You would not walk through a quiet library running and shouting. Similarly, online there are times where you need to be observant and become aware of what is appropriate for a particular online setting.


Hopefully you were taught to think before you speak. Try not to type as fast as you can and race for the enter key. Practice proper grammar, use punctuation, and reread what you have typed before posting it to make sure that it is easy for others to understand.


Being rude and disrespectful to others is just as unacceptable in an online community as it is anywhere else. The golden rule still applies online. Treat others as you would like to be treated. Mutual respect is an important part of being a responsible digital citizen. Do not let your perceived anonymity of being online become a license for bad behavior.


Always think before you post photos or information about other people without their permission. Before you put up that picture of you and your friend make sure you ask your friend's permission. You need to be considerate of how that picture or post not only affects you but how it may affect others. Even if you are almost positive they don’t mind it is better to ask. Try to put yourself in their shoes and consider how that post or picture might make you feel. Always remember to be polite. Just like there is no room for bullying at school, cyber bullying is also unacceptable at GVSD.


Understanding that your actions in a virtual world can have real life consequences is very important. Protect yourself online. Stay away from parts of the internet that might get you into trouble. Just like in the real world if you see a situation or place that you know is no good, avoid it. Make sure that you are leaving a positive online impression. You should be as concerned about your online reputation as you are in real life. What you do online can have an effect on the rest of your life. Be self-reflective about your activities online. Keep your identity safe by using anti-virus and safe surfing habits. If you are having problems online don’t suffer in silence. Go to your parents, teachers, and counselors for help.


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