Dear Citizens of the Garden Valley School System and the Lowman and Garden Valley Communities,

On behalf of the administration, faculty and staff of the Garden Valley School District, I wish to publicly express our thanks and appreciation to you for your support of Garden Valley Schools, and especially for your support in the March 8th Supplemental Levy Election. The passage of this supplemental levy will allow us to continue providing an exceptional and wholesome educational experience for the children of Garden Valley and Lowman Schools. We are focused on the individual student, and we will continue our efforts to do what is best for the students of Garden Valley and Lowman Schools. I invite all of you, both those that supported the levy and those that opposed it, to participate even more in the process of educating our children. We appreciate and consider any and all ideas that are presented. If you have questions or concerns, I invite you to reach out to me at any time. If you wish to learn more, please monitor our website and social media sites for information, watch our monthly school board meetings on YouTube, attend a school board meeting in person, or come meet with me personally. We are committed to doing what is best for each and every individual student in our system and we sincerely appreciate your support of our efforts. I pledge to all of you to do my very best in leading our system and will always make myself available to discuss your concerns. Thank you again for your continued support. 

Supplemental Levy Informational Page

Randy Thompson


Garden Valley School District #71      208-462-3756  Ext. 1020

 Cell 478-308-9028