Follow up 3:30 pm 3/14/22   

Thank you to those of you who have reached out to me on this very important issue. I want to be sure everyone has a better understanding of the issue, but due to privacy laws, we are not at liberty to give specific information about the potential threat that was discovered last week. However, I can state that it does not involve the use of firearms or explosives. While we can never guarantee 100% safety of any school facility, we are confident that the potential threat has been properly addressed by law enforcement and that it is safe to continue with school operations and activities. If at any time that changes, we will immediately take the appropriate and necessary actions and will make the appropriate notifications to all interested parties, including parents, faculty, students and staff. We understand that things of this nature can be unsettling. Please rest assured that law enforcement authorities are fully engaged in this issue, and that we have the safety of all students, faculty and staff of Garden Valley Schools at the forefront of our actions. Thank you for your confidence and support in our school system. And thank you for your understanding. 

Notice 11/14/22

On Friday, March 11, 2022, we discovered a written threat at Garden Valley Schools. We immediately notified law enforcement, who quickly responded and initiated an investigation. Currently all students, faculty and staff are safe and law enforcement will continue to investigate the validity of the threat. The safety of our students, faculty and staff is a main priority for the administration of Garden Valley Schools. We take all threats seriously and work with law enforcement to resolve any potential threats. We will continue to ensure student, faculty and staff safety is paramount in our daily actions. 

Randy Thompson, Superintendent 

Garden Valley School District #71      

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Cell 478-308-9028